About me

I began my creative life as a knitwear designer.  I spent hours colouring in little squares with my trusty box of coloured crayons to create detailed patterns and pictures; but that was a long time ago.  Since then, I have dabbled with stone carving, pottery, stained glass and writing.  It is 12 years since I bought my first tub of mosaic squares and applied them to a table - all upside down.  I've learnt a lot since then and detail is as important as ever.

I am a member of the British Association of Modern Mosaicists and have undertaken a number of courses with my contemporaries.  We can all learn something new and be inspired by each other.  I have contributed to a number of international mosaics and have six pieces of public art currently on show.  I have received a number of awards for my work with communities.

I combine my mosaic making with my other role as a Heritage Officer which allows me to learn about the past and chat to people and eat lots of cake.

Llynda Baugh